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WebMail If you are using Avista's Webmail from a public Internet kiosk or a public computer you must press the logoff button when you are done accessing your e-mail. Failure to do so may result in someone else having access to your e-mail account.
Stay connected with your coworkers.
Web FTP To get started using WebFTP, contact the Avista Technology Service Center at ext. 4117. They will provide you with a user ID and password.
Please note that this may not be the same as your network user ID and password.
What is WebFTP?
WebFTP is useful for sending large files to external parties without worrying about the email box size limitations.
What if I want to send more than one file or the files are very large?
It is recommended that you compress the files into a zip file before uploading them.
How will someone download the files I uploaded?
When you upload a file, you will receive an email with a link to that file that you can give to them. If they are prompted for login credentials, they can simply use the username "Anonymous" with no password and they will be able to download the files.
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Access to your virtual computer system. (Limited to employees who have virtual sessions)
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